Pursuing a degree in Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing at Bradley University, Trenton Lige is an Artist and Designer from Chicago, Illinois. Post-Graduation, Trenton plans to continue his education pursuing a Masters Degree and/or work within a creative agency or marketing agency.

Along with working freelance for brands and musicians in the entertainment field, Trenton has participated in additional programs that have given him insight as to where his passions are in the design world. These additional programs include After School Matters & Talented Artist Foundation.

Creativity is all about the impact you can leave from the things you mold from nothing & always having a spark for more when the picture is already good enough. The hunger to change lives and elevate those around him has always been Trenton's desire. 
This desire drove and inspired Trenton to create Mikael Visions, a personal design agency, which could align with his direction of design, branding of self, and possibly in time create a brand new space for creative freedom of others.
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